Casale – Prosciutto di Parma Sliced (Parma Ham) 100G X 2 PACK


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Brand: Casale
Origin: Italy
Packaging: 100g/Pack (100g x 2pack)
*Chilled Food
Stored at 0-4℃ has a shelf-life of 6 months

Minimum Curation: Eighteen Months

Moderate salty with soft fragrance and delicate texture Edible method

Can be used as an appetizer, sandwich fillings, mixed with Italian food or salad,  enjoy Prosciutto Crudo with honeydew or fig. Prosciutto Crudo with Italian wine is also a perfect match.

Casale offers the whole range of the best Italian charcuterie specialties sliced and vacuum packaged or in a protective atmosphere so that the product maintains its taste and fragrance intact. So much so that it appears as if it has just been sliced!

Meat, salt, time and… a lot of passion. These are the ingredients of the “made in Casale” recipe, natural elements which, if dosed and calibrated in the right doses, are able to lead to exceptional results.