Thailand Royal Farm Natural Chicken Drumsticks (1KG)


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Brand: Royal Farm
Origin: Thailand
Packaging: 1kg / Pack
*Frozen Food
Store at -18°C or Below
Best before: See Package

High Nutritional Value
Royal Farm Chicken contain high proteins and moisture and lower fat than other general chicken. Due to the proper control of ratio of fat, the texture of chicken is perfect. Royal Farm Chicken is soft and tender texture. It is recommended that chicken can be use to barbecue, deep-fried, or pan-fried.

Low Fat
Thanks to the usage of natural ingredient of feeding formula, Royal Farm chicken contain low subcutaneous fat, in the contrast of other chicken.

Antibiotics free & hormones free
It is familiar that Injection of antibiotics and growth hormones are widely used in poultry farming in order to enhance the production.
Royal Farm is certificated that refuse to use such chemical injection in feeding or housing.
The protection could guarantee the food security as well as you and your family’s health.

HACCP & GMP—Guarantee the Best
HACCP and GMP is a program that ensure the products are produced and controlled according to quality standard. It is certificated that Royal Farm could provide you secure product with guarantee.

Halal Certification
The production of Royal farm has been certificated under the requirement of Halal Certification. The requirement includes: Chicken was slaughtered by the proper method; the Chicken’s blood was completely let. Chicken with proper slaughter method will be white and clean.